Healthy Eggnog

Eggnog is a class holiday drink enjoyed by many. However, it has never been known as a healthy choice. If you don’t want to miss out on a flavorful tradition, try this healthy eggnog recipe instead!

Eggnog Smoothie


  • ½ Cup Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt
  • ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon 
  • ¼ Teaspoon Nutmeg 
  • 1 Banana (sliced and frozen) 
  • ½ Cup Milk, Skim or 1% 


Combine all ingredients except the nutmeg

Blend until smooth

Serve in a glass and sprinkle with nutmeg

Tamale Pie Recipe

Makes 8 servings


1 pound ground beef, completely browned, crumbled and drained

                      (Can substitute ground turkey or chicken)

1 cup low-sodium whole kernel corn, drained

1 can low-sodium black beans, drained

1 medium green pepper, chopped

1 teaspoon chili pepper

1 cup salsa

½ cup low-fat cheddar cheese, grated

1 8.5 ounce box of Cornbread mix, cooked accordingly to package directions

Non-stick cooking spray


1.Preheat oven to 375 ℉.  Lightly spray or grease a 2-quart casserole dish or baking pan.

2. In a medium bowl, combine the cooked ground meat, corn, black beans, green pepper, chili powder, and salsa.  Mix well.

3. Put in casserole pan and top with grate cheese

4.  cornmeal mix according to the directions, pour over meat mixture.

5. Bake at 375 for 35-45 minutes.

Nutrition information per serving

323 calories, Total Fat 11g, Saturated Fat 5g, Protein 19g, Total Carbohydrate 3g, Dietary Fiber 5g, Sodium 455 mg.

Fifteen Minute Bean Soup

Fifteen Minute Bean Soup

Makes 8, One Cup Servings


1 can low-sodium tomatoes, diced

1 can low-sodium great northern beans, rinsed and drained

1 small onion, diced

1 can low sodium chicken broth (or 2 cups of water and one bouillon cube)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 10 ounce package frozen spinach

½ cup whole wheat pasta, uncooked


  1. In a 2 -quart saucepan, combine all ingredients except spinach and pasta. Allow to boil.
  2. Add spinach and stir to break up as spinach thaws and mixture returns to a boil.
  3. Stir in the pasta and simmer until macaroni is tender, about 6-8 minutes.

Nutrition information per serving

121 calories, Total Fat 1g, Saturated Fat 0g, Protein 6g, Total Carbohydrate 24g, Dietary Fiber 5g, Sodium 196mg.

It’s Strawberry Season!

Strawberries are grown year round, but the peak season is right now – April through July. Strawberries are delicious and nutritious. One cup is only 50 calories, has 3 grams of fiber, and contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.


I enjoy the natural sweetness of the strawberries by themselves. They make a quick and healthy snack and don’t need to be refrigerated. Strawberries are also delicious added to fruit smoothies and yogurt and who doesn’t like strawberry shortcake? I even add strawberries to pancakes and waffles instead of maple syrup. They are also a great addition to salads, especially ones made with spinach.

For a fun activity, locate a strawberry farm in your area, and take your children strawberry picking. Choose the strawberries that have a deep red color and are firm and plump, as strawberries do not ripen once picked. Of course, avoid any that have mold. If you pick too many, don’t worry, as you can always freeze the strawberries.

Here are some suggestions for freezing. Wash and gently dry the strawberries. Remove the stems and any berries that are spoiled. Place the berries on a baking sheet, not touching each other and freeze until solid. Transfer to storage containers or plastic freezer bags and store up to six months. Now you can enjoy your strawberries for several more months!

For more information about choosing and storing strawberries, check out our video

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.41.41 PM


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NC EFNEP’s Peach Pointers

North Carolina peaches are a great summertime fruit.  They are most abundant and least expensive June through September. Learn how to select, store, and prepare them in this short video.

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