EFNEP Supports Healthy Hearts

Did you know heart health is important at all ages, not just for when we get older? February is American Heart Month, and this means that all of us, both men and women, should be concerned with keeping our hearts healthy. But how do you know if you are at risk of an unhealthy heart? The CDC has put together a list of risk factors to help you better understand.

The good news is there are many ways we can improve our overall health and keep our hearts strong. Here are a few below:

One thing to remember is that heart health is important for your lifetime. Making changes to how we eat and stay active can be challenging. However, together, we can support and encourage each other. For American Heart Month 2019, make a pact with others to be heart healthy. Share the ways that you’re being heart healthy throughout the month by using #OurHearts and tagging #EFNEPworks on social media.


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