Tips to Increase your Children’s Physical Activity over the Summer

Are your kids inside playing on their electronic devices and not outside playing in the sun and fresh air? As difficult as it might seem, you can change that! Use the Internet yourself to find sites that offer creative ideas to get your kids outside and moving.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Website is loaded with ideas for children of any age. Activities listed even include an educational component that will allow your kids to become more cognizant of their natural surroundings. The site’s home page is loaded with options. Choose those that best suit your family’s interests. Click here to get started: . The links below were some that interested me the most!

children-802332_640These are some examples of simple activities that can be done with your children right in your own yard or neighborhood.

For those families that have children interested in technology, try teaming that indoor interest with outdoor activity ideas. From 6 to 16 (and older!), your kids will find these activities to be both challenging and fun. You might even want to get involved!

  • Geocashing. Learn more about this activity at: and . Stash the items being hunted in places that require some active movement to reach. Climbing, running, jumping and stretching are all physically active movements that can help your kids stay in shape over the summer.
  • Camera scavenger hunt. An old flip phone, smartphone or digital camera can be used in this activity. Although the description is written as a party idea it can be scaled it down significantly to create a fun family activity. Let the kids choose the items to hunt or the types of photos to shoot. Hint: Encourage “physically active” shots of them and/or their friends participating in any kind of sport or activity – baseball, soccer, roller skating or riding a bike. This is a great summer “staycation” activity. .

There are many, many more activities that can be found on the National Wildlife Federation’s Website. But, don’t stop there! The Internet is full of creative and inexpensive ideas that can get your children moving this summer. It just takes a few minutes to make sure your kids enjoy outdoor memories this summer like you had when you were young.


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