Chore-Aerobics: Make Cleaning Active and Fun

Why let chores be a bore when you could turn them into a fun activity the whole family will enjoy? Here are some ideas to help make cleaning and tidying activities that will get everyone moving, working, and smiling!

children cleaning

For Little Kids

  • Do chores with one foot, one hand, while singing, taking only giant steps, taking only tiny steps, hopping, or walking backwards.
  • Turn chores into a game of Simon Says, giving short and specific tasks like “Simon says pick up the yellow toy as fast as you can.” No one should move unless you say “Simon says.” You can combine this with the first idea too! 

For Big Kids

  • Time how long it takes one child to complete a chore. Next time the chore needs to be done, time a different child and see if they can do it faster. Add a few minutes or a few seconds if the chore is poorly-done, and keep track of the family’s fastest time!
  • Make it a relay race: split up multi-step chores (like making beds, doing laundry, and cleaning bathrooms) and give everyone a specific step. Maybe one person gathers all the dirty laundry and the second loads the machine. For cleaning, one person could sweep and the next could mop. Split into teams and see which team can complete their chores fastest. 

For Everyone

  • Come up with a secret word and assign an exercise to every room–squats in the kitchen, sit ups in the living room, jumping jacks in the bedroom. Whenever anyone yells the secret word, do 5-10 of the exercise that belongs to whichever room you are in. 
  • Set a timer or shuffle your favorite playlist. Every time the timer goes off or the song changes, swap tasks with someone else in the house.

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