Dance Creation

Dancing is a great way for children to be creative while they exercise. Not only is it fun, but you can do it anywhere without any equipment. You can even dance with your children and make it into a family activity!


This is a fun aerobic activity you can do with children as a family. Use a dance CD or downloaded music that is appropriate for your children. Turn on music. Have everyone stand and form a circle. If your group is larger than 10 people, form two groups. To begin, make up a move and ask everyone to do the move with you. Then, one by one ask each person to make up a move to add to the one(s) before until you have a complete dance. Each person gets the opportunity to make up a move and everyone should do each of the moves as they are added (first move; first and second moves; first, second, and third moves; etc.). All the moves together make up the dance.


Dancing is just one way to get aerobic activity. Aerobic activity helps keep your heart healthy because your heart itself is exercising and beating faster while you move! Other aerobic activities you and your children can participate in include biking, basketball, swimming, walking, and games like “Red Light, Green Light.”


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Take one day this week to create a new dance!

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