Family Meal Time

Most families have very busy lives and sharing one meal together can sometimes be difficult. There are after-school activities, sports, jobs, and other obligations that can often interfere with having a family meal. When my children had events that prohibited us from having dinner together, I planned that we would sit together at breakfast. The ritual of a daily family meal was the most important part of my day. We also had a rule that no TV or cell phones were allowed, as we ate together.
family eating a meal at the table
As a parent, I had the opportunity to hear the events of my children’s day and they could hear mine. It was a time to brag about a good grade on a test, an update about one of their friends, or a funny moment at school. The children enjoyed hearing about what their siblings and parents did that day or what was planned for that day. Whatever it was that we talked about, I always remembered hearing a lot of chatter and laughter. Our family meals were fun and provided a great opportunity to spend some quality time together!

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