Healthy Snacking

I admit it…I am a “snacker.” But, when I get the urge for a snack, I try to make it a healthy one instead of one high in calories and fat. In the evenings, I love to sit down in my favorite chair with my dogs beside me and unwind while snacking on a small bowl of popcorn. I don’t want to eat anything heavy that will keep me awake, so my snack food of choice is popcorn.
popcorn bowl
I have just started eating air-popped popcorn. I’ve been trying out different kinds of seasonings instead of adding salt and butter. Air-popped popcorn by itself does not have much taste. I like a sweet and salty taste. I have found that adding Splenda and cayenne pepper to my air-popped popcorn is delicious. Old Bay is another seasoning that is quite good.

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