Move While You Clean


Cleaning doesn’t have to just be a chore–it can actually be great exercise! Have you ever noticed yourself getting exhausted as you vacuum your floors? I sure have!

Turn cleaning into a fun family affair–cleaning doesn’t have to be all disinfectant and dullness! Play your favorite songs and groove while you move around the house. Turning on fast music can help you clean faster. Not only does this get the job done more quickly, but it also gets your heart rate up higher, resulting in a better workout. Having your children help clean allows them to get the benefits of exercise as well as teaches them the importance of contributing to household responsibilities. Toddlers who may not be developmentally ready to clean can still dance, move, and pretend to clean with you.

Children should get at least 60 minutes of exercise daily. This doesn’t have to be 60 minutes straight. They could help you clean for 30 minutes in the afternoon and play frisbee for 30 minutes in the evening to reach the 60-minute goal. While these activities are intended for classroom physical activity breaks, your children can try them at home to fit in extra activity time at home. Whether they’re helping you clean, playing actively, or doing quick exercises, encourage your children to be active everyday!

What part of your home can your family clean together today?

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