Buy local, eat local at the farmers' market

berries Over the years, local Farmer’s Markets have become increasingly popular. They are great sources for purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and other food items such as homemade jams, etc.
Depending on where you live (rural or urban town/city), farmer’s markets vary in size, location, times in which they are open and products sold. Some are very small while others are huge. Both offer the opportunity for consumers to purchase freshly grown food items from local farmers. What a great concept!
So, you may ask yourself, why should I shop at a local farmer’s market. There are many different reasons to shop at your local farmer’s market. Here are a few:

  • Buying from a local farmer supports local agriculture. This means that the foods we eat come from nearby, and does not require us to waste lots of energy and petroleum to ship the food halfway around the world.
  • You can find a variety of fresh, organic produce at more affordable prices than in a supermarket. Many farmers carry products that are not technically “organic,” but have many low-priced foods that are pesticide and herbicide free. The advantage at a farmers market is that you can actually talk to the farmer, learn about their methods, and then decide for yourself.
  • Buying locally also means that you are supporting farmers and the local economy. Not only will your money stay in your area, but you will happily please the farmer that worked to grow the food.
  • The food from your local farmers market is fresher. Because it was grown locally, there is a good chance that the apple you buy from the farmer was picked a few days ago. This is virtually impossible in a big supermarket.
  • There is usually an amazing variety of fruits and veggies at your local farmers market. Each farmer may have his own method for growing tomatoes or peppers. This is something that never happens at a grocery store.
  • There is no doubt that locally-grown foods just simply tastes better. You will never be able to eat a carrot from the grocery store again!
  • There’s just no way around it, eating fresh, locally-grown fruits and veggies are great for your health.
  • Lastly, farmer’s markets are just plain fun for the entire family. Meeting your local community is an excellent way to feel connected to the world around you.

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