Come join me and move more!

family outside

Being physically active has long-term results.  What you do right now does have an effect on your future.  Including time in your life for physical activity is not just something to do when you want to lose weight.  There are so many other wonderful benefits.  I found that when I started making time for some physical activity, that I experienced several benefits.  I immediately began sleeping better at night and getting back down to a healthier weight.  My clothes began to fit more loosely, and I could see that I was building some muscle too.  I encouraged some neighbors to walk with me, and I am meeting new people and actually having fun too!
Choose activities that you not only enjoy but feel you can do on a regular basis.  Try to have 10 minutes of activity at a time.  Shorter periods will not have the same health benefits. Here’s a website with some great tips on how you can increase physical activity for your and your family:


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