Exercise as a Family

parent and child walking outside

With the month of June finally here, summer is beginning and Father’s Day is coming soon. Whether you’re enjoying the summer sun or celebrating a holiday like Father’s Day,  there are many ways you can Move More together this summer!

Fitting physical activity into your day can be hard, but trying activities and exercises that your children can also participate in can help ensure that the whole family stays active. With children finishing school and spending more time at home for the summer, consider trying activities like these that you can do with your children!

  • Gardening: There are many vegetables and herbs you can grow at home during the summer. Building garden beds, digging soil, and watering plants can be hard work, especially in the summer sun. Try starting a garden at home with your family–you can assign jobs to each family member and work together to exercise while growing nutritious vegetables!
  • At-Home Workout Exercises: Exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups are appropriate for children in elementary school and older and can be a great workout for both you and your children! You can do these exercises during commercial breaks or set assign time for a workout.
  • Walking or Biking: Instead of driving, try walking or riding bikes when you and your family need to get somewhere this summer. Think about places you go that are within walking distance. Remember to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water when you plan to be outside for awhile.
  • Outdoor Group Games: Games that you need more room to play like relay races, Red Rover, “Red Light, Green Light,” “What Time Is It Mr. Fox,” and other group games are fun to try in the summer when it’s warm outside. Make sure you have an open, safe area to play in and you can enjoy these games as a family.

What other summertime activities can you play with your children this summer?

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