Great Outdoors Month

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June is Great Outdoors Month! The outdoors provides endless opportunities for physical activity, such as biking and hiking. Outdoor play for children promotes fitness, can raise vitamin D levels, and can help reduce stress.¹

Here are some ways your children can participate in Great Outdoors Month!

  • Bike riding: Whether you bike through your neighborhood, on a trail, or through a state park, bike riding is a fun activity to do as a family.
  • Swimming: Going to a pool, lake, ocean, or river open to the public for swimming is a great way to cool off and get exercise during the summer months. If you find a public lake, ocean, or river to swim in, be mindful of these safety tips:
  • Parks: Local and state parks provide many options for physical activity, from playgrounds to canoeing. Parks are great places to find activities that all of your children can enjoy, no matter how old they are.
  • Hiking: Hiking trails range in difficulty, from easiest to very strenuous, so it’s easy to find a trail that suits your pace and experience level. Check out this link for hiking and outdoors safety tips!
  • Backyard play: Your own backyard is a great space for a quick game of catch or for getting all 60 minutes of your child’s daily physical activity! Try activities like hula hoop, “Red Light Green Light,” “Mother May I,” jump rope, or even gardening.

Remember to bring water, sunscreen, snacks, and other appropriate safety equipment (such as helmets) for whatever activity you choose. To find outdoor trails near you, visit

Whether you go in your backyard or to a hiking trail, enjoy the Great Outdoors this June!



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