Get moving: continued motivation

person standing with sneakers on
Exercise or physical activity is a hard blog for me to write about because I yo-yo with exercise. Some of you know what I am talking about. For years, I exercised every day to the point of being a compulsive exerciser. I had a good solid exercise routine that really worked for me, and I faithfully stuck with it. I even managed to pull my husband into my exercise routine. We walked 2 miles every day together. Then, for whatever life reason happened, we stopped.

My daughter and I joined a yoga class together, and I loved every minute of our yoga sessions. We had a dynamite instructor and great classmates. I am not sure why I quit doing yoga, but when that class was over, I did not sign up for another class, and my doing yoga was over. The reasons I quit exercising are not important, nor do I think they really matter.
Here is the thing. I am motivated once again to exercise and have been in a good exercise routine for the last month and I want this motivation to continue. I am worried with the holidays approaching that I will get side tracked and stop exercising. Please encourage me to continue to exercise and give me some advice on staying motivated to continue exercising especially during the holiday season. I want to make sure that some type of physical activity remains a constant in my life. Help me out!

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