Turkey dinner, turkey leftovers: now what?

turkey in ovenMy family loves turkey leftovers as much as they love the freshly baked turkey. I look forward to preparing different dishes with the leftovers. My husband’s job is to pull the meat off the bone, put it in plastic bags, and refrigerate it.
Once this is done, we sit down and ask our family what dishes they would like us to prepare with the turkey. One of the favorites that is always asked for is a turkey and noodle casserole. I even add the leftover vegetables for more flavor, as I don’t want them to go to waste either.
Another favorite is making turkey soup. Again you can add noodles and/or vegetables, and gravy. My favorite is turkey salad, made just like you would make chicken salad. We make sandwiches using the leftover cranberries and rolls.  Just be mindful of food safety, when handling, deboning, storing and reheating your leftover turkey.

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