Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

So we all know that nutrition, fitness, and all that is in between is become a nation wide hot topic.  Whether you are committed to being fit or just getting started, our health is on our minds, splashed across magazine articles, and on our conscience.  I always try to tell myself that one healthy meal won’t make you healthy, and one bad meal won’t make you unhealthy.  It is all about a lifestyle change and the choices we make.  Which brings me to my weakness; guilty pleasures.  The cakes, processed carbohydrate goodness of heavy pastas and pizza, and my kryptonite: chocolate.  Sure all of these are fine in moderation, but what if there were ways to make the most of consuming these kinds of foods that call to us?  Well with a little research there is!  There are some fantastic foods out there that can be used as substitutions for the ingredients that are frowned upon but RD’s and Nutrition Fact Labels everywhere.  One of my favorites is Greek Yogurt in place of mayo, sour cream, or really any creamy based recipe.  Greek Yogurt has high levels of protein, is low in fat, and contains important nutrients for our bodies.  Ultimately, it gives our recipes with empty calories some substantial nutritional value!  Check out this article from Time Magazine that gives some of the most popular and easy swaps we can make in the kitchen.  Each new ingredient offers up some nutritional value compared to its unhealthy counterpart!  Enjoy!greekyogurt

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