Make Up a Story and Act it Out

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Imagination is an important part of childhood development. As children imagine new possibilities, they learn to think outside the box and solve problems in unique ways. This kind of thinking is critical to their cognitive development. While some adults struggle with creative thinking, children usually don’t! Children often have wild and active imaginations, so why not try putting those creative minds towards physical activity?

Allow each family member to make up a story. As they tell the story, everyone acts it out. You can pretend you are going to the beach, hiking up a mountain, or anything else you can dream up! Make sure to really exaggerate your movements to get the physical benefits of this activity. For example, take big steps as you pretend to hike up a mountain, and alternate arm movements as you pretend to rock climb.

Acting out stories is a great way to Move More, whether you play inside or outside! When the weather is too hold, cold, or rainy, there are always activities like this you can play inside. Limit time spent watching TV or playing video games when your children play inside. Instead, choose physical activities like “keep the balloon up.” To learn how to play and for more indoor activities, visit

Share the stories you and your family make up!

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