Protein Power Moves

chicken outside

Physical activity doesn’t always have to be an organized sport. While organized sports are fun for the whole family to play, sometimes the weather may be unfavorable or you may not have enough people for a game. When you don’t have time or convenient access to the equipment needed to play a structured activity, try activities that you can play with fewer people and less organization. One you can try is “Protein Power Moves,” which involves acting out movements of protein-rich foods.

Have everyone in the family line up in a single line or form a circle. One member of the family calls out the action (see list below) and another member of the family keeps time. Follow the leader doing each action for one minute.


  • Flap and cluck like a chicken
  • Walk and stomp like a cow
  • Run and squeal like a pig
  • Grow from small to tall like a string bean
  • Swim real fast like a fish

Eating enough protein-containing foods and doing weight-bearing exercises are essential to building strong bones and muscles. Weight-bearing exercises are more than just lifting weights (which may not be appropriate for young children)–they can also be activities like jogging and hiking. You and your children may also enjoy exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. To learn more about appropriate strength exercises for your children, visit

Remember to drink a glass of low-fat milk to build even stronger bones and muscles!

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