National Walking Day

Did you know the first Wednesday of April is National Walking Day? This year, National Walking Day is on April 4. With spring upon us and the weather warming up, this is the perfect time to get back outside and walk! Walking is a great activity for children because they can do it with friends and family. You and your family can go for a walk after dinner, walk to school together, or through a park on the weekend.


At home, there may be too many distractions that make it hard for your family to talk about their days. Especially as your children get older, it can be hard to connect with them. With walking, you all can exercise while you talk and catch up. Or, you can pick up the pace and see who can jog or run the fastest! Whatever pace your family needs today, whether it’s strolling or running together, set some time aside to walk together.


Walking may not seem like much exercise to your kids if they’re used to running or playing sports, but it can be a relaxing way to exercise without the pressure or excitement of a competition. To learn more about the benefits of walking on your health, visit


Where will your family walk today?

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