Save time and money with a well-stocked pantry

I love experimenting in the kitchen but quite honestly, I haven’t always checked to see what I had on hand prior to starting a recipe. This left me frustrated and running to the store to grab a couple of last minute items. In most cases, they were items that I should have already had in my pantry. After experiencing this a couple of times, I decided to make a list of basic items that I would keep in my pantry.
Keeping a well-stocked pantry not only saves money and time, but, is essential for any cook. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, having some basic supplies on hand will help you be prepared to put together a family friendly meal or last minute dinner for friends. Keep your pantry stocked so when you’re short on time, what you need is always on hand.
You may ask yourself these questions, “what are basic items to keep in a well-stocked pantry?” or “what kinds of ingredients do I need to keep in the pantry to be prepared for unexpected company?”

Pantry basics list
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