Ultimate Frisbee


Organized sports are great physical activities for children to learn sportsmanship, treating others with respect, and honesty. Ultimate frisbee may be a new sport to you and your family, but it can be a fun, unique game to play. It’s played like soccer and football, except instead of playing with a ball you toss a frisbee. Oftentimes, parks will have open grassy areas you can play on. You may even find a soccer field with painted boundaries you can use. You can also play more casually in your yard.

Throwing a frisbee isn’t hard once you practice it a bit. Hold the frisbee in your dominant hand with your thumb on top of the disc and your pointer and middle fingers on the underside. Twisting the opposite way (if you’re right-handed, move your body to your left), bend your elbow and then untwist and release the frisbee as you extend your arm out. Each team scores by completing a pass in the other team’s end zone. Don’t let the frisbee hit the ground or run with the frisbee. If you’re holding the frisbee, you have 10 seconds to pass it–just remember not to run with the frisbee!

Make sure the ground is free of debris and other safety hazards before you play. Also, take the time to stretch first since ultimate frisbee involves running and throwing! To learn official rules, technique, and “the Spirit of the Game,” visit http://www.usaultimate.org/index.html.

Start practicing your frisbee toss to get started!

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