volleyball court

Volleyball is a fun sport children can play inside a gym or outside on a sand court. It combines aspects of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball, making it a unique game!

Whether you play in a gym or on a sand court, you can find places to play volleyball near you. Contact your local parks department to find locations near you. You may even be interested in making your own sand volleyball court for your children to play on! Even without a court, your children can practice volleyball skills and techniques.

Here are a few basic skills for your children to practice:

  • Forearm Pass: hold hands together in front of you and join your arms from the elbows to the wrists; hit the ball with the fleshy part of your forearms
  • Underhand Serve: step your non-dominant foot in front of your dominant (i.e. if you’re right-handed, step your left foot in front of your right). Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand at waist-level above the knee. Make a fist with your dominant hand, swing your arm behind you, then swing it forward to make contact with the ball, keeping your non-dominant hand still
  • Set: hold your arms fully extended in the air in front of your head, palms facing up and elbows wider than the shoulders. Spread your fingers in a diamond shape and when you make contact with the ball, use your finger pads to push the ball into the air.

For more information, visit http://www.volleyball.com

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