Have a Family Parade

family walking outside

You don’t have to ride a float to have your own parade–it doesn’t even have to be a special occasion! Having your own parade can add fun and a physical boost to your walk. And if it’s raining outside, you can even have your parade inside–just make sure the floor is free of objects and other hazards that may cause injuries.

If your children don’t know what a parade is, take the time to explain it to them–parades are often done to celebrate an event and they involve floats as well as people marching. Have everyone get in a line and have a family parade. You can march, bounce, and skip along your parade routes through your house or out in the yard. You can also take your parade to a walking trail or park!

Walking and having a family parade are great alternatives to sports for children who don’t enjoy sports. There are plenty of activities you and your children can participate in to be active without playing team sports, including fitness classes, yoga, and running. For tips, visit http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/hate-sports.html.

What day this week will you and your family have a parade?

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