Movin’ and Groovin’

baby clapping

Children of all ages should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity. This can come in many forms, from swimming to a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” It may seem like toddlers and younger children don’t need as much exercise, but toddlers should get 30 minutes of structured and 60 minutes of unstructured activity daily. Structured activity should be adult-led, while unstructured is free play.

Dancing is great for all ages and can be an easy way for toddlers to be active. Toddlers love to move to the beat and sing along. Choose a fun song and get moving with your toddler. Young children and teens like to show off their moves too, so dancing can be activity for the whole family!

It’s important for toddlers to get physical activity everyday to help them grow and learn healthy habits early in life. While they may not be able to do everything older children and adults can, there are still many activities they can do. Also, you can modify activities to make them more age-appropriate. For example, rather than playing a structured game of soccer, older toddlers can still kick a ball around with you. To learn more about activity for your toddler, check out

What days will you dance with your kids this week?

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