Banana Pops

Makes 4 servings Serving Size: 1 pop Ingredients 1 package (3.4-ounce) instant banana pudding mix 2 cups skim milk 1 banana, cut into pieces Directions Combine pudding mix and milk. Add cut up banana into pudding and blend evenly. Spoon enough pudding mixture into small, paper cups to fill 2/3 full. Tap cups lightly on … Read More

Banana Pudding with Graham Crackers

Makes 1 serving Ingredients 1/2 banana 1 graham cracker 6-ounce container low-fat vanilla or lemon yogurt Directions Wash hands and surfaces. Wash the banana. Peel and slice half the banana into the serving bowl. Crumble the graham cracker over the banana. Top with yogurt and enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers immediately. … Read More

Shake Your Pudding

Makes 1 serving Ingredients 1/2 cup cold fat-free milk 2 tablespoons dry instant chocolate pudding NOTE: Other flavors can be used. Directions Wash hands and surfaces. Measure milk into a measuring cup and pour into a small plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Add instant pudding. Snap on lid and shake for 30 seconds. … Read More

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