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The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is happy to partner with teachers in the communities we serve. If you are a teacher who is partnering with EFNEP, we have designed some additional resources that will compliment the series delivered on-site. If you have not yet partnered with EFNEP, but would like to learn more about the partnership, please go to our locations page and email the individual that serves as the contact for your county for more information.

Youth Curricula

  • Teen Cuisine

    Teen Cuisine

    Teen Cuisine is designed to teach youth from grades 6 to 12 important life skills to promote optimal health – both in the present and in the future. The curriculum addresses key concepts about nutrition, food preparation and cooking, food safety, and physical activity using approaches and strategies that enhance learning and behavior change among teens.

    Virginia Cooperative Extension –

  • Show Me Nutrition

    Show Me Nutrition

    Show Me Nutrition (SMN) is a nutrition education program for youth. There are lessons for grades Pre-K through eighth grade. Participants engage in age appropriate, interactive activities. The program promotes healthy eating, positive body image, physical activity and food safety. Through each interesting and fun nutrition class, students gain the skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    Michigan State University –

  • Camp, Cook, Play!

    Camp, Cook, Play!

    Youth ages 8-12 will have fun in a summer camp setting where they will learn about MyPlate and the five food groups, kitchen and food safety practices and physical activity. This curriculum is developed to positively affect five key health behaviors:

    • Increase the youth’s knowledge of human nutrition;
    • Increase the variety of foods in the youth’s daily diet;
    • Improve the youth’s ability to select low-cost, nutritious foods for meals and snacks;
    • Improve food preparation and food safety practices to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses; and
    • Increase daily physical activity

    North Carolina State University

  • Fuel For Life logo

    Fuel for Life

    Fuel for Life is grounded in the Social Cognitive Theory and Theory of Planned Behavior. The program focuses on mindful movement, mindful eating, goal setting, and food preparation skills. The interactive curriculum consists of PowerPoint slides, in-class activities, recipe activities, student workbooks, and recipe videos, covering the following 8 lessons:

    • Lesson 1 Cooking Basics
    • Lesson 2 Nutrition Basics
    • Lesson 3 Bowl Meals
    • Lesson 4 Snack Smart
    • Lesson 5 Eating Out
    • Lesson 6 Fuel with a Purpose
    • Lesson 7 Microwave Meals
    • Lesson 8 Handheld Meals

    North Carolina State University Fuel For Life details and sample lesson  |  Fuel For Life order form

Head Start

This page is developed for Head Start teachers who have participated in an EFNEP educational series. If you have not participated in the EFNEP for Head Start teachers, please contact your local Cooperative Extension office to connect with an EFNEP Educator or professional.

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